Clinical Services

Laboratory Services

The Juba Medical Complex has extended its laboratory services managed by clinical pathologists, Drs. Oromo & Shangel.

These services include:

  1. Histopathology composing of: Biopsies, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC), Exfoliative Cytology (For specimens like ascitic fluid, effusions, cystic fluids...etc), PAP smears...etc,

  2. Haematology: CBC with peripheral morphology (interpretations), Bone marrow aspiration cytology and trephine biopsies, Immunocytochemistry, Coagulation profile, Vit B12 and folate tests plus other special tests

  3. Microbiology: Basic clinical investigations in bacteriology, mycology and parasitology

  4. Chemical Pathology (Clinical chemistry) is in place

For consultation please contact us through 0912817831 during working hours.


An up-to-date Radiology Department has been set up in the Hospital which will offer CT scanning, Regular X-ray service, high definition Ultrasonography with a plan to develop Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Reports will be issued with each request for those accessing this service alone for the information of referring clinicians outside the JMC.

Arrangements are being made to source remote reporting of images in order to give the best possible Radiological opinion.


An endoscopy service will be set up to ensure that this vital diagnostic and therapeutic procedure is offered locally instead of evacuating Southern Sudanese at great expense to other African countries, the Middle East or to the West. The Managing Director in his capacity as a Specialist Physician will be offering this service.

The Well Person Clinic

A well person clinic will be run at the JMC once a week to give an opportunity to Southern Sudanese who wish to undergo a full annual  Medical examination including an electrocardiogram, full blood count,  sugar, urea and electrolytes to assess kidney function, Liver function tests, a chest X-ray and any other tests that may be dictated by the findings at the initial examination.

An inclusive fee will be charged for the annual check ups  This will ensure that diseases such Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure and predisposition to  stroke are detected earlier rather than later when it is too late to prevent severe disability.